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Petrochemical Market
Environments in the oil and gas industry can result in conditions that promote a variety of types of corrosion. This can lead to expensive corrosion failures with their associated downtime and costs. PPG PMC has developed a range of heavy-duty protective coatings and linings to protect against the majority of these types of corrosion.

External protection for tanks and structural steel SigmaCover 1500/SigmaDur – a high build, solvent-free, surface tolerant, primer/buildcoat topcoated by a choice of UV resistant SigmaDur topcoats designed to meet your specific requirements.

Tank linings
SigmaGuard CSF 650 – a proven single-coat coating/pit filler for protecting the bottoms of crude oil tanks from anaerobic corrosion.

NovaGuard 840 – a solvent free phenolic epoxy coating/pit filler with extra chemical resistance - storage options can be extended to include chemicals, solvents, unleaded gasoline, dilute alkalis and crude oil up to 90°C (194°F).

Corrosion protection under insulation
The chemical and acid resistance of the phenolic epoxy NovaGuard 840 make it ideal for protecting steel under insulation up to 150°C (302°F).

Expert project teams who understand the difficulties likely to be encountered in practice support our advanced product technology. They combine local knowledge with international expertise to provide the most practical, durable and cost-effective coating solutions. Our advice takes into account the requirements of construction, operation and maintenance for the long-term protection of major assets.

Below is a selection of Sigma Protective Coatings product ranges ideal for use on petrochemical projects:
  • Novaguard
  • Phenguard
  • SigmaCover
  • SigmaDur
  • SigmaFast
  • SigmaGuard
  • SigmaGuard CSF
  • SigmaLine
  • SigmaShield
  • SigmaTherm
  • SigmaZinc
  • PC Brochure Petrochemical
  • Global Product Range