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PPG Protective and Marine Coatings offers a full range of coatings solutions, providing protection across all sectors within the Power Industry.

Power stations are often situated in corrosive industrial or coastal locations and the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels produces oxides of sulphur and nitrogen that further increase the corrosivity of the surroundings. Thus structures require high-quality corrosion protection. In addition there are numerous localised problem areas such as abrasion (fuel and fly ash), chemical attack, desulphurisation systems, high-temperature areas, waste treatment plants and storage of water, fuels and chemicals.

We supply specialised coatings to nuclear plants around the world, e.g. France and China. These enable efficient decontamination, meet ANSI N5.12-1974 requirements for Level II applications and have heavy metal and MEK contents well below TCLP standards.

Windpower has become a major focus for environmentally aware governments around the world and its efficient exploitation is an area of intense activity. SigmaKalon Protective Coatings supplies turbine tower coatings to locations varying from the windy high plains of the USA to the offshore windmill farms in Europe.

Smart systems – paint shop efficiency is critical to enable manufacturers to minimise costs. The SigmaFast range is designed to provide the most efficient combination of high productivity in the shop and long-term service, while at the same time giving the specifier a wide choice of options.

Hydropower plantsHydropower plants in locations as diverse as Spain, South Africa and Scotland use Sigma Coatings for protecting both the internals and externals of penstocks. Our versatile range of solvent free epoxies is ideal for maintaining the internals of these large pipes.

Below is a selection of Sigma Protective Coatings product ranges designed for use in Power projects:
  • Sigma AquaCover
  • SigmaCover
  • SigmaDur
  • SigmaFast
  • Sigmarine
  • SigmaShield
  • SigmaTherm
  • Sigma Vikote
  • SigmaZinc
  • SigmaPower brochure