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Civil Construction
ISO 12944 has become the basis for the selection of coating systems for steel structures in a wide range of buildings. Several systems using the SigmaFast range of products comply with this standard.

SigmaFast 210 - fast curing, high build polyurethane single coat system - dry to handle in 30 minutes at 20°C.
Sigma AquaCover 200 and 400 - water-based epoxies that comply with all VOC legislation.

PPG Protective Coatings has a range of products that have been extensively used for the protection of civil structures.

Key aspects are long service periods between maintenance, abrasion resistance and colour and gloss retention. Nowadays the majority of structures are prefabricated and easy in-shop application of all or part of the coating system is essential.

PPG PMC also has a unique range of products for the refurbishment of cladding.

Visit our Sporting Facilities Focus Page. Below is a selection of Sigma Protective Coatings product ranges suitable for use on civil structures:
  • Sigma AquaCover
  • SigmaCover
  • SigmaDur
  • SigmaFast
  • Sigma FireBarr Cellulosic
  • Sigmarine
  • Sigma Vikote
  • SigmaZinc