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Waste and Water
PPG Protective and Marine Coatings has decades of tank lining experience and developed over the last twenty years extensive knowledge and experience in the protection of water purification plants, with projects completed all over the world.

Sewage treatment
Moisture, hydrogen sulphide, ammonia, surface active materials, bacteria, sunlight and miscellaneous chemicals are all present in waste water treatment plants and they all accelerate the corrosion of metals. Concrete is also subject to attack from organic sulphur compounds in domestic waste and food industries as well as in organic sulphur compounds from chemical industry waste. Animal and vegetable fatty acids require particularly high-quality coating systems.

Sigma NovaGuard 840 – a solvent free phenolic epoxy coating with particularly good resistance to fatty acids.

Wastewater processing has been a key area for PPG PMC for several decades, we have worked alongside engineers to help us develop our systems and we now have an extensive track record of protecting both structures and the internals and externals of tanks in this field.

SigmaGuard 790 – a high solid epoxy coating providing protection to a wide range of waste water compositions.

Water storage
Water for drinking and industrial purposes is often stored in large tanks, especially in countries where it is not readily available. Such tanks must be lined to prevent water contamination and corrosion and to facilitate cleaning.

PPG Protective Coatings has a range of solvent free tank coatings that ensures taint-free drinking water and provides long-term corrosion protection. These coatings comply with drinking water legislation in various countries and are certified by the relevant authorities.

SigmaGuard CSF 585 – solvent free epoxy coating that meets the latest potable water legislation

Below is a selection of Sigma Protective Coatings product ranges that are designed and tested specifically for use in waste processing and water storage facilities:
  • SigmaCover
  • SigmaDur
  • SigmaFast
  • SigmaGuard
  • Sigma Phenguard
  • Sigma Novaguard
  • SigmaZinc