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Storage Facility
PPG Protective Coatings has extensive experience in the long-term protection of both the internals and externals of storage tanks.

An extensive tank lining resistance guide (Sigma TankSelect) is available covering a huge range of substances from edible oils to aggressive chemicals. Of course the systems provided to protect tank externals must also be able to withstand spillage and be capable of performing well in aggressive industrial/marine environments.

Sigma NovaGuard 840 - Tank internal lining
SigmaCover 1500 and SigmaDur 1800 - Tank external lining

Below is a selection of Sigma Protective Coatings product ranges ideal for use inside and outside land storage tanks:
  • SigmaCover
  • SigmaDur
  • SigmaGuard
  • Sigma CSF
  • Sigma Phenguard
  • Sigma Novaguard
  • SigmaShield
  • SigmaZinc